Saturday, July 22, 2006

busy, busy!

I swear that there is zero rhyme or reason to how my images get uploaded to blogger. I will try to make sense of this mish-mash for you anyway, because I like you.
Up first! I have been busy designing invites again. The above is what made the final cut for the invite--it's based off of a brooch by Georges Fouquet (1921). So while I am extremely talented and a joy to be around, I just thought you should know that I didn't come up with that on my own. As one art teacher once told me: no artist creates in a bubble. I believe it, I practice it, and I try to give credit where credit is due.
Next! This is one of my sketchbook pages, containing six (that's right SIX) new prints that I have cut. They are (L-R, Top-Bottom): An Ash branch, a Gingko leaf, an Ashleaf Maple Leaf, a honey bee, a Maple leaf, and a Norway Maple seed pod.
All of these things will be finding homes in larger works over the coming months. I feel that I'm really on the cusp of something big--something combining printmaking, painting, embroidery, embellishing, and text. I have a feeling there will be a few moments of "what was I thinking? this is terrible!" before I get to that sublime place where everything just works.
This is another print that I was doing for the invites, but I loved it so much that I absconded with it and now it's making cameo appearances in a number of larger works. It's probably what's going to tie the whole series together: crescent goes for a stroll.

Now it's back to the studio for me!