Friday, June 09, 2006

Here's a less-than-stellar shot of the second work that I've done for those dudes.
Step one: measure out a square. Subdivide into dimensions resembling a polaroid photo.
Step two: divide image field into three sections: sky, water, sand.
Step three: lay down paper for sand.
Step four: lay down paper for water.
Step five: lay down two fish-scale prints. One in black and one in turquoise.
Step six: lay down map of Virginia 1607-1627.

Step seven: pour glass of chianti and call it a day.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here is the postcard I made for the postcard show at the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. My mother suggested I enter the show, and so I did. Or, rather, will. The above measures 4 5/8" by 5" and is what I call an altered print. Step one: make print block/print with block. Step two: mess with said print.
Here I have taken a fish scale print and embellished with foil, glass beads, and colored pencil. I really like colored prints on black paper. They pop. And they lend themselves to many mess-with-it-ness possibilities (Okay, I'm having trouble with this word. I've misspelled it twice).
So, yay for art.
Also, what do you think are the limitations for this form art? Certainly in the realm of pricing, but also in terms of novelty? Is it possible to overdo the genre?