Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oh, interwebs!

hey, how's it goin?

I am momentarily distracted by the month of September (although in my head, it sounds like this: THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER). I have something going on every weekend for the next 4 weekends, so I may be overfull of noise or too busy to give you all the details.

This weekend for instance: Saturday starts with taking the kids to art class, followed by dropping one of them off for a birthday party while I clean & cook for a gathering at my house that night. After the cookig & cleaning I have to pick that kid up, get both clean & in bed before guests arrive. Sunday is a scouts day, again at our house.
Did I mention that I'm working for the next 3 days?

In 2 weeks I'll be taking a little trip to the southern half of this state to...well, I plan to post pictures & give you the run down on that.

For right now, I am going to retire to the studio & finish working on the canvases for the collaboration I'm doing. (Pictures of that as well)

Go & do something in the real world!
I'll see you back here real soon.