Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The thing is...

So! Tattooing!
It's a lot like this:

Take one of those fat crayola markers you used in elementary school, attach a grapefruit to the top of it and wire the whole thing to vibrate like an old school electric toothbrush. Then go draw on a surface that isn't flat and provides very little resistance.

All that aside, I really enjoy it. I will say that it's the outlines that are getting me right now. But I've only done 2, so I figure that the more I do, the better I'll get. Right?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ha ha! Photos!

So, before you view the photo, you should be forewarned that this is my first time ever tattooing and Aaron is an amazing man to let me at him with a tattoo machine in hand. That being said you should also know that he chose the color. You should also know that the machine reacts differently to different surfaces. And I know that I need to work on my line quality. (Deep breath) here you go.

Behold the awesome power of the dragelephant:

More pictures as more become available.
Kiss kiss!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brand new medium!

So, best anniversary present ever: tattoo machines.

That's right! I am now practicing the ancient art of Tattoo! Aaron is my willing canvas. I have done one so far and I have to tell you, I really enjoy it. It's almost as satisfying as getting one.

Once I acquire a new USB cord, I will post photos.

I am excited!

(And yes, I am following all safety precautions regarding exposure to bodily fluids. I may be goofy but I'm not an idiot)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Well hello!

You've missed out on so much! I haven't been hiding I've been moving.

We moved from a ranch that backed up onto I-80 into a cape cod across from an elementary school. I have a studio again! And I have a pear tree.

I have been working on a wide array of projects. And I have finished very few of them. I will post photos soon.
It's hard to get online and post when I could be working in the studio.