Monday, October 25, 2010

a way around it....

So I figured a way to take photos for posting, using my phone & gmail account and am feeling pretty pleased with myself (although fully aware that I am a few years behind my technologically advanced friends--hi K!)
Tonight I am in the studio sewing and listening to Pandora Radio, and marvelling at the adaptability of my space: it sews, it paints, it solders, it makes julienne fries in no time at all!
Everyone needs a hidey spot. When I was little, I carved out a secret spot in the back of my closet (in retrospect, probably not as secret as I thought). Now I retreat to my studio and make art. (Failing that I retreat to my head and dream of art)
I'm a lot like the sandpipers--have you ever seen them at the shore? They chase after the tide, then run as it advances. I chase after people and noise and movement, and as it turns to advance towards me I flee.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I may or may not have mentioned previously that I had a brainchild that resulted in a collaboration between myself and 2 other artists: the all-talented Mr Bob and my coworker Mitchell Paukstis.
The collaboration goes as follows:
1. Each artist preps 2 canvases and starts a work.
2. We pass one canvas each to our collaborative partners.
3. We add to that canvas & pass along to the artist who has not yet seen it.
4. At the end, we should have 6 canvases that all of us have touched.
And at the very end, I am going to the VVAC and proposing a show.
So far I have started 2 canvases and worked on a canvas from Bob and one from Mitch.
I am really looking forward to seeing the final result, as we all are working from such different styles & backgrounds.
These are the two that have one artist left to treat them.

Monday, October 18, 2010

my my my

the time does fly...
summer has faded away and now the autumn leaves swish beneath our feet.
The breeze is cool and crisp. The sun light comes at an angle and leaves before the chores are done.

But it's still my favorite season. The leaves are beautiful, the blue sky breathtaking. I have cleaned my nest and have a stack of projects waiting for completion. I went ghost walking, made shepard's pie, and watched the sun set. I am waiting and watching and being still. Absorbing all of it so that in the long, dark winter months I can pour it back out again in paint, fabric, ink, and paper.