Monday, October 25, 2010

a way around it....

So I figured a way to take photos for posting, using my phone & gmail account and am feeling pretty pleased with myself (although fully aware that I am a few years behind my technologically advanced friends--hi K!)
Tonight I am in the studio sewing and listening to Pandora Radio, and marvelling at the adaptability of my space: it sews, it paints, it solders, it makes julienne fries in no time at all!
Everyone needs a hidey spot. When I was little, I carved out a secret spot in the back of my closet (in retrospect, probably not as secret as I thought). Now I retreat to my studio and make art. (Failing that I retreat to my head and dream of art)
I'm a lot like the sandpipers--have you ever seen them at the shore? They chase after the tide, then run as it advances. I chase after people and noise and movement, and as it turns to advance towards me I flee.

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