Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's meet in the middle...

shall we? I know I said that when I posted these they wouldn't be upside down...and they aren't! Nor are they right side up, so do a little warming up before you scroll down--it'll make me feel better. (This is the cover up on the leg of the lovely Miz P that we started in October) We'll start with fall! Purple scarf, twirling leaves... And then winter, with his crown of holly, and cup of steamy goodness....
Next comes Spring! Flowers and a bird...or a skeleton of a bird...

Lastly, my man Summer...beach towel & a margarita. Holla!

In other news, we will be celebrating the Mister's birthday next weekend. He hates birthdays (and Christmas) so I am trying to create an all-out ridiculous bash. Something so goofy that every time he thinks back to it, he will laugh out loud. My current brainstorm involves zombies & cupcakes. Probably not 2 things that you would normally put together, but the man is near obsessed with zombies. And he's pretty peeved that he didn't think to write the zombie book first.
Other than that, my hour-a-day for art only seems to actually happen when I don't spend 8 hours at the shop. And should I count uploading to etsy & updating blogs towards that hour? Tough call...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A little luck...

A pair of Ravens. For Luck. And since it comes in 2 forms, I went ahead & wrote "good luck" in the tail feathers.
Now what I need is some motivation to do more art-at-home. My lovely studio was once again reduced to "storage at large" in order to clean up the front half of the basement so the kids had a place to do kid things...which seems to mainly consist of getting in each other's way and then having a shoving match. I really only intervene if it seems that doom is inevitable. But that is a whole other blog. This one is for ART, and for me to use curse words when I really feel the need. (You have those days, right?)
My mom has set herself the goal of one hour of art a day. I may try to follow in her lead (she's steered me well so far), but it'll have to start tomorrow. Tonight I have an hour of cleaning...or "finding new homes for crap". Crap being a term my father often employed--the translation: stuff that's not mine.
So I'm off to de-clutter. The next time we speak (or I ramble at length & you read it) I will try to have uplifting news! Or at least more pictures.
Cheerio, dearies.

Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year!

Hey hey!
It's 2010! And you know what I'm not going to do? Recap 2009. Or make resolutions for 2010. Because I am no good at witty recaps (there's a reason I like to hang around good storytellers) and I am utter crap at keeping resolutions. I still havent completed my resolution for 2008, which was to learn to make creme brulee (b/c it is my favorite, that is why). And it's not that hard. I've read the recipe at least once a month for 2 years. I have the skill set necessary. I just havent done it.
So! No resolutions! Just a reminder (which I totally swiped from Ani DiFranco, but I'm pretty sure she'll forgive me)

now go!
make art, make love, or make some creme brulee & mail it over here!