Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming soon!

I have secured my storefront name on Etsy!

By this time next week, I plan to link you up.

Until then, troll the couch for lost quarters!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's the buzz?

Hey! It had been about 6 years since I soldered anything so I thought I should practice before I put 900 degrees worth of molten metal near my collages. below is one of the 4 tests I did, and I have to say that it turned out quite well. I learned the importance of a well-burnished edge, and that taking it sloooow is alright. I also learned that the trickiest part of the whole procedure is getting the jump ring attached where you want it. Onward!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy busy!

Coming to an Etsy store near you! Collage pendants! All handmade by me, and dreamed up out of my overcrowded brain. I just need to encase each of the above gems in glass before I put them up for sale. Once they are up, then I will link you to my personal Etsy store. I am doing these in between working on the album covers for TGS. (And running a household. You know how it is.)
Ta, lovelies!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things I do not like.

Oooh the list is long and plentiful, my friends, but at this moment bobbing at the top would be horror films.
Zombie movies in particular. I tried once, a long time ago, to watch Night of the Living Dead. The result was that I slept with my light on and a baseball bat under my bed for about a year. I am just not equipped to watch those kinds of films. They get into my brain and they haunt me for a long time. I can't simply say "the make believe is over now. go about your life."
Sadly, the Mister rates all zombie movies at the top of his list. Which means that there are many nights when he is watching a movie and I am doing something updating my blog!

Also! I have discovered my one true kryptonite. Whining! I cannot stand the wheedling little voice that implies that I will do your bidding merely because you can make my brain melt out of my ears by continuing to vocalize in that manner. Enough! I say! (That's a lot of exclamation marks. Sometimes when I type an exclamation mark I hear a tiny voice in my head. It says ole[plus slanty accent thingy])

And lastly: I do not like that my day starts so very early. One should be allowed to sleep until the sun peeks over the horizon. So I am off to bed, in anticipation of another long and tiring day.

Goodnight, me lovlies!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Give and Take

I happen to be anal retentive about the most ludicrous things. (No, really, ask the Mr.) For instance, is it give and take or give or take? Can it be both? Is it? This will bother me like when you've got something stuck in your teeth and you can almost get it with your tongue, but you are miles from 2" of dental floss. The spoken word. Pronunciations. I am ridiculous about the way things are pronounced...but poor grammar just makes me shrug--hey whatever. that vein*, I have been in the studio arting it up for the Ghost Sonata and giving oral history lessons of the Cherokee Indians. I work in the afternoons when the Mr. is off and can watch the brood, or when Adrian (boy wonder!) is in afternoon preschool, and occasionally in the evenings if I haven’t used all my energy being patient and not yelling.
I have the art energy tonight, but yesterday! Yesterday morning I woke to a cheerful 4 year old demanding chocolate milk and something to snack on, and as I hefted myself off the pillow the muscles in my neck went into spasm. In a word: excruciating. It hurt more than my swollen face from Thursday’s trip to the dentist. I spent most of yesterday knocking back advil and wrapping a microwaveable heatpad around my neck. Today is ouch, but I figure I should hold off for at least one more day, as I work standing. OK, I work hunched over my worktable, but I am standing while I hunch so it’s all the same, really.

*the give/take vein. Not the anal retentive vein.