Sunday, February 01, 2009

Give and Take

I happen to be anal retentive about the most ludicrous things. (No, really, ask the Mr.) For instance, is it give and take or give or take? Can it be both? Is it? This will bother me like when you've got something stuck in your teeth and you can almost get it with your tongue, but you are miles from 2" of dental floss. The spoken word. Pronunciations. I am ridiculous about the way things are pronounced...but poor grammar just makes me shrug--hey whatever. that vein*, I have been in the studio arting it up for the Ghost Sonata and giving oral history lessons of the Cherokee Indians. I work in the afternoons when the Mr. is off and can watch the brood, or when Adrian (boy wonder!) is in afternoon preschool, and occasionally in the evenings if I haven’t used all my energy being patient and not yelling.
I have the art energy tonight, but yesterday! Yesterday morning I woke to a cheerful 4 year old demanding chocolate milk and something to snack on, and as I hefted myself off the pillow the muscles in my neck went into spasm. In a word: excruciating. It hurt more than my swollen face from Thursday’s trip to the dentist. I spent most of yesterday knocking back advil and wrapping a microwaveable heatpad around my neck. Today is ouch, but I figure I should hold off for at least one more day, as I work standing. OK, I work hunched over my worktable, but I am standing while I hunch so it’s all the same, really.

*the give/take vein. Not the anal retentive vein.

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