Thursday, April 13, 2006

double secret probation

I'm doing some pro-bono commissioned work for some dudes, but part of the agreement is that I can't tell you what the project is. Nondisclosure and all that. However, there was no mention of keeping the artwork a secret, and I figure I can show you the process if not the actual completed work itself.
So here is layers one, two, and three of the above piece. We'll call it Work 1. It starts with a measured space on bristol board (10" x 10") Which was then divided into 3 sections to replicate a film negative. You with me so far? Good.
Then (after measurements were taken, and things were evenly spaced) The "holes" were filled in with grey marker, and the surround with watercolor pencil--that becomes important later.
Next, I adhered a sheet of yellow tissue paper to the middle section. I then reproduced portions of a topographic map of the Blue Ridge Mountains using colored pencil and watercolor pencil.
I applied a thin layer of acrylic matte medium over the drawing.
Then I sectioned off the rectangle at the bottom left corner, using colored pencil. And finally I drew the outlines of leaves in colored pencil.

Stay tuned for layers 4 and 5!

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