Tuesday, April 18, 2006

it's the process, really.

Here they are, in all their glory: Layers 4 and 5.

Layer 4 being prints of leaves, created from blocks I carved based off of actual leaves I had pressed & dried. You just can't beat nature when it comes to design. I printed on to a sheet of tissue paper. Completely unorthodox, but I love the transparency and inconsistencies tissue paper provides. I have attached these using matte medium, which also give the edges a smudgy quality. In all, I dig it.

Layer 5 is the same print block, but done on a paint chip. I can't walk by a paint chip stand without wistfully looking at the variety of colors. Maybe I'll just get myself a paint chip stand of my very own to sit in front of for hours. Although you can't tell here, I've perforated the edges of the paint chip in anticipation of stiching around the edges.

And usually I wouldn't think of having my margins showing, but alas, this unfinished work isn't matted (b/c it is unfinished) In the margins as you can see (peeking around the paint chip) that I make notes to myself, test colors, etc. It's kind of like walking around with your pants tucked into your undies, but there you have it.

Next installment: more layers!

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