Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The next best thing

This past winter the grandmother of a friend of mine passed away. Being half way across the country makes it mighty difficult to deliver a casserole to the bereaved, so I did the next best thing. I made art. The whole thing is a metal tin(roughly 3" x 2.5") The exterior is pictured above, notice yet another bird print. The next two photos are of the interior (and you'll have to tilt either your head or your monitor)

Before his grandmother passed, this friend of mine was debating on whether or not to move. After his loss, he decided to go ahead and pursue the move and career change.

Which is why on the interior of the shiny box there are two maps: one for where he's going, and one for where he came from.

Sorry the photos are sideways, but I though it was important to get them up here and I didn't want to take another day to upload on to another computer, edit in Photoshop, burn to a disc, and then upload onto the computer with internet access.

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Thinking In Vain said...

Love it.