Friday, February 22, 2008

bribing you with visual treats

hullo me lovlies! I have been long absent, it's true. I have been wrapped in a self-indulgent case of the doldrums. But the end of February is nigh and that means that I am finding myself busy busy and overly ambitious in the realm of art. Below is the evidence.

"As the crow flies" (another in the bird series. I still need to stitch the middle to the lovely blue background (hence the pins at the top) but it's mostly done and I have been doing other busy things as well. Look!

This is a metal tin that once held cigarettes (not mine). Now it is a lovely, outside and in.

This is the interior of the tin. All manner of collaging and digging through huge piles of paper.

This is a close-up of the bottom half of the interior. It's a photo down a street in Pompeii--that mountainy bit in the back is Vesuvius.
In the long ago I was lucky enough to venture to Europe, many times. I have lots of photos that are quite good, but for the inclusion of stranger's elbows--I figured some severe cropping and rebirthing as art would be proper.

And I am keeping artly busy, so maybe I can talk myself into updating more frequently.
Don't hold your breath, though.

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K said...

ooo, pretties...
I especially like the crow.