Saturday, October 18, 2008

More pictures!

Hello to all! It has been a while because I have been too lazy to upload and post photos. But I have been creating--both on skin and paper. This post is all about the tattooing.

This is Aaron's second tattoo. I did the outline in navy instead of the traditional black just to see what kind of difference it made to the end piece. It turned out fairly well, and I learned a lot. Namely that if you have a good-looking celtic knot you had a talented tattoo artist. I also learned how to work with the curvature of the body, and I think that is evident in the next tattoo.

This is the outline for Aaron's third (and current) tattoo. Meet Saint Barbara! She's the patron saint of Artillerymen. The above is the outline--note how much more even the lines are--and the below is with shading. We are waiting for the shading to heal before we add color. St. Barb is about 5-6" tall. I call her Babs.

I haven't shaded the face yet, I wanted to hold off on that b/c I want to be really extremely confident before I attempt it. Otherwise she may look like she's impersonating a fish. But I am pleased with how the drapery looks. Anyone who has done fabric will tell you that it is difficult and sneaky.

Next time...more photos. Probably of work on paper.

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Amber said...

Damn, girl! Those are smokin' tattoos, especially considering how new you are to this. I am REALLY impressed!!