Thursday, April 16, 2009


rushing at me with alarming speed!
Deadlines that have been bumped forward!
How far? About 4 weeks.
Lucky for me, I was wise and sage (and lovely and good with animals, too) and prioritized months ago. All I have to do now is re-photograph the work, colorbalance in photoshop, and email the happy camper on it's way.

And also, I have to take some commissioned work OUT of my head and put it ON paper. It looks quite nice where it is, not subject to the laws of dimensionality or static placement, although rather difficult to deliver in the agreed-upon format.

And then there are 2 more deadlines in May, which I am pretending is a very long way away and not really 14 days.

I took this last week off (art-wise) to play hostess to in-laws and my very own I will simply have to do a run-up to get back to where I ought to be.

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