Monday, December 21, 2009

Back in the studio again!

I just sent off a custom order last week. I am now trying to re-organize & re-arrange. The lovely, wonderful, talented Mr. B built me a 9-foot wall of floor-to-ceiling shelving and a separate 5-foot wall of floor-to-ceiling shelving and I am spending a great deal of time doing 2 things:
1. standing and admiring my shelving
2. spinning in a circle with my arms out, a la Maria from The Sound of Music, singing "the studio is alive with the help of shelving"
I am almost positive that no one has seen me do the second one, with the exception of Jacko--my black cat & studio companion. I am working 3 days this week at the Tattoo Shop. Today I tattooed some lyrics onto a girls ribcage. She sat quite well, but I didnt care for the font she picked. It was too flourishy & I dont think it will age well.
And now it is time for jammie pants and BBC programming.

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