Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Probably it's nothing.

Well, 2011 started out promising but it seems determined to surpass 2010 on the suck-o-meter. Generally speaking in my own personal realm of experience I have experienced annoyances more than catastrophes: misrecorded tax ID numbers, flat tires, stupid disagreements over stupid subject matter (or: what happens when 2 stubborn people get married!).

But this weekend was a whopper.
In the course of 2 days: my uncle (maternal aunt's ex husband--does that make him an ex-uncle?) passed away. In a house fire. A house fire so severe that they had to use a rake to go through the remains of the house. My little (in their 20's, so not so little) cousins are now having to come to terms with the finality of life. Which is double crap because I am so far away I cannot help in the ways I usually do.

And I am having some health issues. As in my body is behaving in ways it really shouldn't ought, and the doctors want to see me TOMORROW. I called for an appointment this morning. Probably it's nothing, but how often do you call the doctor and they say you have to come in the very next day?

So I am all inside my head, trying to figure the best way to help people from 650 miles away and repeating the mantra: probably? it's nothing. probably? it's nothing. probably? it's nothing.


M. said...

Oh, Kara! We lost My husbands grandmother to a house fire in Jan '09. It was awful! She walked over a faulty floor furnace and the static shock caused it to blow up. It was so bad they had to use dental records. I know each story is different, but I know how difficult a death like this can be. It's very hard to grasp. Please take good care of yourself too. The best way we can help others is to help ourselves so we can be there for them. Keep us posted about the Doc. I'm sending you good vibes!

Amber said...

I will light candles and sing songs for you until I know what is going on. I love you chicken rabbit crow fox tattoo mama! <3