Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Hello, world!
On Friday I turned 31. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in the next 9 years, and to start off this decade of "more, better" I have resolved to accomplish 2 things in this year: I will run a 5k (I already know I can WALK one) and I will learn Spanish. I have said for years that I wish I knew Spanish. Well the time for wishing is over! It is time for action! (cue superhero music)

Also, I have decided that I own too many things. So I am celebrating my 31st birthday hobbit-style. If you haven't read J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, you need to do so. Immediately. I'll wait....

See?! Isn't that a great idea?! My dad used to read me The Hobbit as a bedtime story when I was really little (like 3 & 4), and I remember thinking even then 'what a great way to celebrate your birthday!'. I have decided that I will mail things out to 31 people over the next 4 weeks.
I have 5 spots open if you are interested in playing along you can email me karacrafts(at)gmail(dot)com.

And on Saturday Aaron & I went to ComicCon while Aunt B took the kids for the night. It was awesome dorktastic fun. The costumes and people watching are worth the price of admission. I got to talk with Lydia Burris, Kai Owen, and a whole mess of other really fun and interesting people.
After ComicCon we ate Indian food* and then came home watched Doctor Who and drank white russians. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.

*While at the restaurant, we determined that Indian food is a universal panacea. We also came up with a plan to move to India and open a bar be que joint. I love that I can make a crazy plan and Aaron will play along.

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