Sunday, September 11, 2011

go with the flow

My last post had a photo of some flowers and polka dots and swirls. I am using this as a basis for decorating a wall in the house.
Believe me when I tell you: it's not as crazy as it sounds.

I am so crazy-busy with work, teaching, taking an online class, cleaning & donating, and getting ready for the 1,935 mile road trip at the end of this month that I paint whenever I can grab an hour. Not the ideal way to knock out home design, but it's better than not ever doing anything (says the lady who has had paint chips taped to the wall for 2 years).

So this morning the kids were playing quietly in their rooms and I thought: this is your chance! Go! Go! Go!
Not so much. I had been at it for 10 minutes when my beloved 4 year old decides she wants to help. I hand her a brush and point her to the pencil lines on the wall. She is full of enthusiasm, that one. Staying in the lines? Not so much. Then the 6 year old discovers what we are doing and HE wants to help. On his 4th flower he declares that it's "not fair" that I get to decide what we paint on the wall.And that just because I am the grown up and do the bill paying and made a plan and got the supplies to execute the plan doesn't mean that I get to make all the decisions on this MY project. Up until this point, I had decided that I needed to include them and just overlook the purple paint that I will have to paint over and the not following directions. I was trying to go with the flow.

But, dude.

When I let you paint ACTUAL ACRYLIC PAINT on the WALL and you COMPLAIN? This party is soooooo over.

Sometimes that kid doesn't know a good thing when he's holding it in his hand.

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