Friday, April 13, 2012

Walk in the woods

Whenever I get in a funk, or feel uninspired, I take a walk.
I love to walk through the woods and observe the way they slide through the seasons.Today I walked through the woods at the end of our block (and remembered to bring my phone to take pictures!).

 The oak grove at the edge of the woods. The oaks are spaced at measured intervals, which leads me to believe they were planted. i love the idea that someone deliberately put them in the ground, knowing that years later they would be beautiful giants. And the smell of fallen oak leaves in the fall is one of my favorite things of all time.
 The path that leads into the woods. When summer comes and the trees are all leafed out, the light is a beautiful dappled green.

 Trillium! They only bloom in the spring, and are native wildflowers. And when I see one, it always reminds me of the divine Trillian Stars.

Tiny, delicate white blossoms--each is smaller than a dime.

Where do you go to find your calm?

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