Monday, May 14, 2012

Why I love the Internet! or A Great Bridal/Baby Shower Idea.

I love the Internet for many reasons. Chief among them is because it allows me to be inspired by other creative people that I would otherwise never know. A few weeks back, I was visiting Jane LaFazio's blog and she mentioned The Prayer Flag Project
The idea behind the project is based roughly on the Buddhist prayer flags--which are brightly colored flags with prayers or mantras stamped on them. The idea being that the wind carries the prayers out into the Universe. 
And I thought: how very cool to take that idea and adapt it to your own use.
Next thought: Hey! Melissa is getting married out in the woods. Wouldn't it be lovely to surround her with flags made by friends and family on that day?

So I hosted a prayer flag shower.
(Technically I hosted two, but I only took pictures of one)

All the ladies, busy at work.




Adding ribbon...

This is about half of what we created.

From the other end of the table.

The wedding is this weekend! I'll try to get pictures of the flags in action.

So why not pop over to The Prayer Flag Project, check out the tutorials and make some for your friends who are expecting a baby, for your grandma in the nursing home, for your next door neighbor's kid's graduation?
They are super fun and super easy.

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