Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Owl of Dreaming

There's this book that I use all the time, about Earth-based spirituality and family, with a story in it about an owl who brings dreams.
She brings the dreams you need. The ones that will point you in a direction. Her wings are "soft, and furred with dark" and she delivers the dreams "gripped gently in her mother beak".
So here she is.

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Anna 'Relle said...

Hi Kara!!
I was super lucky to get one of your Valentines - It arrived on Friday the 15th, and I went away for the weekend Friday afternoon, so I've just got home to find it propped up against a pot plant waiting for me!
I love, love it - I am a rather avid collector of owls, and your valentine had two!! And on top of that, this is the top post when I came to visit your site. I've bookmarked you - I'll definitely be back!
Thanks for the lovely Sunday night pick-me-up! :D
Anna 'Relle