Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey y'all! 
This summer has me WORN OUT and it's not even July yet! Thank goodness next week is the huge family vacation to the beach. I have missed the ocean. I am packing my art journal supplies (and the kids' art journal supplies) so there will be show-and-tell when I return. 

Because we have acquired a new fuzzy housemate (an orange kitten named Hank), and because the other two animals get depressed when we go, we have invested in a house sitter to come stay at the house. She comes highly recommended--but I still have that STRANGER IN MY HOUSE moment every now and again. 

Not to shirk my duties on the eve of our departure, I have a tutorial up on The Pagan Village today. I'm showing how to make a collage in an Altoids tin like that adorable owl up above. It was hard to make just that one guy. I'm completely enamored with collage--it combines the mindless tasks of cutting and gluing with everything I love about design: color, texture, shape, layout. Plus it gives me an excuse to paw through my 
extensive paper stash. 

The kids have TWO play dates today. The first at a friends' house to watch the Blackhawks rally and the second at the pool. I have already decided that Sunday will be spent in my PJs doing whatever I feel like doing, read: NOT running all over town. 

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