Friday, September 06, 2013

The people I know...

Kind of like the people in my neighborhood...but now my neighborhood is the world.

Do you ever think about the people that you know and think: I know so many cool people. It happens to me frequently. Like at least once a week.

And to reward you for stopping in and saying hi, I thought that I would like to introduce you to some of the people that I know. Like the world's biggest dinner party, where only awesome people are invited---that includes YOU, so don't sell yourself short.

It's going to be a semi-regular post type deal. There will be photos. There will be questions and answers...when I feel like it. There will be linking to websites when websites are available. There may be guest-blogging. But mostly, there will be the people that make my life a little more awesome by simply existing.

Because PEOPLE ARE AWESOME and the world needs more awesome.

1 comment:

j. wilson said...

I love how I think of blog world people as people I KNOW. Does make it feel like a nice big party. Happy Friday to you!