Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homework, is that you?

I'm working on coming up with a handout/lesson plan for teaching people how to use Blogger for a class (in a public library setting--relax, I'm not making any money here). And it occurs to me that I have been using Blogger for so long (10 years--YIKES) that it all seems second nature to me.
The challenge is to take a step back and look at it with a newcomer's eyes-- what is the very fundamental lesson that one needs to start with? What else needs to be included? What can be left out of an intro class?

And truth be told, Blogger is probably the easiest way to start blogging. The templates/layout are already done. The toolbars are really similar to Microsoft Word.

Yeah. So, enough procrastinating.
Back to working on that handout.

Stay classy, interwebs.

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