Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Busy, of late.

An 8.5 inch celtic cross--outline only. We're going to go back in and do shading & color later.
Righto, this one is upside just pivot your head or your monitor. It's part of a larger piece that will be finished in stages. 4 skelletons, dancing on a stone border.

Here's the other upsode-down skelleton. I honestly have no idea why these are flipped. When the work is done, I will post the whole thing right side up.

And a manga fairy. This one is only half done as well, it was her first tattoo and she hit her wall at 2 hours.

It's challenging to work in the confines of somebody else's limitations. But you start to get a sense of when your client's body is nearing the point of quitting. The nice thing about doing many tattoos on one person is that it allows you a little more freedom--the freedom to make the work the best it can be, the freedome to let your outline walk out the door because you know it'll come back.
Today I did a tattoo of a Tyranosaurus Rex, and I have to say I surprised myself with its awesomeness. Photos of that later.
Ciao, lovelies. Stay sweet.

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