Friday, November 06, 2009


I am tired, and blearly-eyed, and overwhelmed when I look at my to-do list, but mostly I am content.
I have a job I really really like*. One that I look forward to. And it may mean that my house is home to clutter more than it used to be, or that dishes sit in the dishwasher longer than they used to, but all of that is inconsequential when you get right down to it. In addition to this job, I still have orders coming in from etsy (, I'm prepping to take over as Scout leader in December, and next week we start finishing in the basement. Somewhere in the midst of that, I find time to make meals, clean clothes, and cuddle children. And sit down. That happens occasionally, too.
And while my head is spinning and my hands are busy, I'm trying to remember to have a good time.
And I do, mostly.
* I got to do a tattoo of a Tyranosaurus Rex this week. Need I say more?

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