Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where the art is...

Home may be where the heart is, but my studio is where the ART is.
I took these a while back, and don't have photos of any of my current works, so I am going to give you a good case of shelf-envy. Marvel at my 9 feet of floor-to-ceiling shelving! This is my tiny bookcase that sits atop the giant workbench that came with our house. This workbench was a big motivating factor to purchase said abode. I have photos, supplies, and things I like to look at up here. I don't think of it as an inspiration board (although I should get back to that practice), as much as a place to put a whole mess of stuff that has been living in boxes for years.

And here is a long view of the studio...of course you can't see what is behind the camera, which is my soldering station and MORE SHELVING! Because if you are a pack-rat/book lover with 4 different artistic callings (5 if you count tattooing) there is no such thing as too much shelving. So this is where the art is. And I try to get here an hour a day. Usually that hour is spent painting, collage-ing, soldering or cleaning, but today I thought I'd do a little blogging, too.

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