Thursday, November 18, 2010

more, more, MORE!

I'm a busy little bee, what am I.
The boys are a bit sluggish in their roles as collaborative partners, although Mr. P handed me his finished pieces last night. We are still waiting on Mitchell, who has been busy drawing for work.... In other news, I have a few more items up on Etsy. I am currently creating a few more which should be posted by next week's end.
I have volunteered to set up an Etsy shop for some started with volunteering to do the banner and sort of snowballed from there. I don't mind setting it up, but I really don't want to be the admin....

I have decided on my next ART adventure: guerrilla art! It's an excuse to be subversive, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Also, it's an excuse to use heavy-duty adhesive and found objects. Whee!

And I am super excited to be helping out this really neato photographer. I admire his work, and this particular project speaks to me on whole bunch of levels: as a tattoo artist, as a former army wife, and as the granddaughter of veterans. Things are in the super rough planning stages, but I am still doing the happy dance.

Oh, and the kids are going to spend Monday-Thanksgiving with the grandparents. OH THE FREE TIME I WILL HAVE. I may just barricade myself in the studio with the coffee pot and the laptop. And probably the last box of girl scout cookies. But if you're in the Chicagoland area and know of other worthwhile ventures, drop me a line. I'm down for whatever.

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