Saturday, December 11, 2010

once again

i have been smacked in the face with the cold wet fish of ignorance.

it is possible that i do not know HOW to cook for vegans.

this is a startling, troublesome revelation.

Vegetarians, you guys are easy.
After my brother declared his flesh-free lifestyle, I issued myself a challenge: meat only once a day. (HEY BACON!)
Once that became easy-peasy, I limited meat to 3 days a week. And discovered that was easy too.
Now I am down to once a week, although I still cook it lots--I am surrounded by carnivores.

I have found this transition easier to bear because I LOVE CHEESE. Love it so much that I may very well forgo passing off this mortal coil if there is no cheese in the afterlife.

But vegans don't eat cheese! it all beans all the time? That seems ridiculous & mundane.
TVP? expensive for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.
Do you guys just take A LOT of vitamins?

Fill me in here, I know nothing.

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Amber said...

Mostly soy...which makes it right out for me. Soy is NOT friends with my GI system, or at least, unfermented soy. I can do miso, soy sauce, tempeh, etc.

From my time working in health food stores, I saw a lot of vegan folks cooking many types of grains, and there are good proteins when those grains are cooked with nuts. There's lots of clean oils used to cook, like coconut oil, that are light and nummy for sauteeing veggies. Some folks seem to use lots of TVP, and you can replace honey with agave. I can't, I'm allergic to agave. :(

I fail at vegan, but don't try either. Now that I found a cheap place to get local, organic meats, I do that! :)