Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WAR PAINT and rediculousness in one.

Hidee ho, good neighbors.

When last we spoke, I mentioned something about getting local vets photographed for a book about vets with tattoos.
The photographer is the AWESOME Kyle Cassidy and the book is WAR PAINT.

I have a friend who is on the officers board at the American Legion here and she has been instrumental in helping me locate veterans, and secure a visitor's pass for Kyle.

But tonight, she sends me this text:

The hall is booked on the 8th. It's actually the annual Elvis birthday bash! Lol! At least I know there will be bodies there! Lol!

(wait...there's more...)

Great elvis impersonator booked to preform!

You still there?

I don't....
I can't.....
There are no words for the absurdity.

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