Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did you know?

That i am heavily tattooed but hate IVs?
totally true.
Maybe it's the size difference of the needles. Maybe it's that tattoo needles leave you with art and IV needles fill you with other stuff.

Maybe it's just that when the nurse can't get the needle into the vein and is moving the needle around under the skin my brain can't deal with this reality and shuts down.

Because y'all, that's what happened yesterday. I went for an MRI and didn't even make it.
I passed out and then came to and vomited for about 2 hours.

So right now I feel like a wet washrag that has been wrung out to dry.
I am drinking tea & eating toast & honey. And totally not looking forward to rescheduling that MRI.

Happy Thursday!

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