Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello, May!

So hey guys! I have been in the midst of a mess of projects, but seem to be wearing my scatterbrain hat because I haven't photographed anything. I have been making more collage pendants for etsy, working on some paintings, doing exercises out of the Drawing Lab book, drawing tattoos for clients, and trying something new in polymer clay.
The polymer clay thing is funny to me because I was crazy for polymer clay 15-20 years ago (hey! that makes me sound really old). I made beads and figures and mobiles, and then I went to college and majored in art (ceramics/painting). While I went on to paint & do collage the polymer clay world really took off! There are so many artists doing so much more than just jewelry, it's really amazing to see people use the clay in ways that never occurred to me. I am excited to get back into it and incorporate some new elements into my jewelry making. And bonus! It's fairly portable so I can work on it outside while the kids play.
That last bit will become super important as the school year is drawing to a close.

My head is spinning with ideas. I LOVE it when that happens!

More later, dears!

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