Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 days!

I will be bound for Washington D.C. in 6 days for a week-long visit. I have QUITE A BIT of artwork to finish before I get on a plane.

A friend of mine commissioned a piece for her living room*, which I am trying to finish before I leave. I also have to finish the bird piece for Nessa and a present for the new baby. There's a contest I want to enter for tattoo art as well.

I have significantly less time these days, with the kids being out of school. We have divided up our days into a sort of routine. Library days, field trip days, art days, science & math days, journal days. It's fluid, but I try to make sure they get a bit of everything each week.
Summer break has reaffirmed that there is NO WAY I could do home school. I do not have the patience required to deal. We were having art time this morning and there was an argument over the set of watercolor pencils. I lost my cool & cleaned up ALL the supplies: if you can't share, we won't do this. (Of course, that last statement was made at TOP VOLUME)
I hate yelling. It makes me feel like I am not cut out for the job of raising children.

That, and my new current favorite song which is all kinds of dark and gruesome.

*and I can't post photos until it's dne b/c I found out that she reads my blog. (Which is weird & cool. Weird b/c it's odd to think of someone I see regularly reading this and cool b/c she's reading
what I have to say. It's nice to be listened to)

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Amber said...

*hugs* Travel safely, darlink! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. <3 <3 <3