Friday, July 08, 2011

Why Math & I aren't friends.

Last week while on vacation, I sat down and figured out what my income would be if I were booked up @ the tattoo shop. You know, if I got paid for time @ work like most people. And it's not anywhere near a six figure salary like those guys with their TV shows have, but it would be a decent enough ammount to contribute to the financial well being of the house. My salary PLUS my husband's salary would put us within spitting distance of the six-figure mark. So when I compare the magic salary with what I made last year ($3,000 and no that's NOT a typo) it gets a wee bitty depressing. Because it hints at the harsh reality of where I work: there's not enough foot traffic to support ALL the artists financially.
Because I really like my boss. And I like the other artists. And this is the shop where I learned everything I know so far. So the idea of having to move on is kind of sad.
I know I won't be going anywhere for at least 2 years. So that's 2 years more of financial struggle.
I can handle that.
(But I don't know if the rest of the family can)

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