Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ee I Ee I oh

A farmer I am NOT. I have 6 squash plants and this is all the squash they have given me. This is my last year trying with squash. From 2012 into forever, I will purchase my squash like the rest of America. I can't even grow zucchini. Delusions of agricultural grandeur have I.

In other news, I am arting right along in the studio. I find it hard to photograph things in good light because the kids are like shadows until I go to work and encouraging them to keep their hands off the art and off the camera is an exercise in futility and frustration.

I have nearly finished the commissioned piece, and am working on some polymer clay things.

And now I am being summoned with these words:

4 and a half weeks until school starts.
I can't wait.

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Amber said...

Hmm...well, how often have you watered your squash? Did you put them in the same sun/shade as last year? Are they heirloom natives for your area?

I bet you can do it. Use it to learn more, don't give up! <3

Or join a CSA. LOL!