Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A love rekindled

Years ago (the mid 1990's to be precise) my wonderful friend Kathleen introduced me to polymer clay (a fancy way of saying sculpey or fimo). You know the stuff: comes in a rainbow of colors and bakes up in your oven.*
Well a few months back I was google image searching and came across the work of Christi Friesen. I was shocked to see someone using polymer clay the way she did: for sculpture. For wall-hung art. In retrospect it's brilliantly obvious. I had been making these little fairy figures for friends for decades but had never thought to expand upon that.
I purchased her book, Steampunkery, and got to work. The steps are easy to follow and got me back into my comfort zone with the clay. The chameleon and flower piece are out of her book. I took that knowledge and created a third piece inspired by my friends Noah & Karlee.
So now, in addition to painting, tattooing, and drawing I have been making all kinds of stuff out of polymer clay.
Some of it is for friends and some of it will find it's way to my Etsy shop in August.

Stay tuned!

*I had abandoned polymer clay as a medium when I went to college. My head was full of lofty ideas and adolescent snobbery towards crafts. Turns out, I just like making stuff with my hands and I'll use whatever is readily available. Take THAT, adolescent me!

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