Tuesday, January 03, 2012

First project of 2012

(The circle in the front is a quarter, for scale)

I sat down on New Year's day with my supplies and no real ideas in my head.
I tried making a mermaid, but I wasn't happy with the neck to head transition.
I tried making a flower, but the finished project filled me with "enh ".
As I was working, I was listening to a podcast (This American Life) and something in the story made me think of those Russian nesting dolls; I can NEVER remember the name of those!
The sky was filled with the heavy grey clouds that usually proceed snow, and I picked up the pink clay and out came the three little beauties in the middle.
I was on a roll! I still had pink left, so I mixed it with gold and brown and made the perfect fox fur color.
And if you didn't know already I love foxes & owls together ; they just make sense as a pair.

For the past 2 days I have been reorganizing my studio space in a way that makes sense for what mediums I use and how I like to work. This has slowed down my ability to actually MAKE art, but I feel I will be truly happy now that I have a system in place. And zones! I have zones!


M. said...

Now you will be in the Zone, while working !

M. said...

Now you'll be in the Zone, while working