Friday, July 27, 2012

Patience, I have very little.

I don't do waiting very well...
Currently, I am waiting on paint to dry so I can photograph it, upload & edit, and do the next installment of the watercolor workshop.

This week I had house guests, so I was in "bare minimum" accomplishment mode. I managed to cook dinner and breakfast and get the kids to swim lessons, and that was about it.

Which means that today I'll be doing laundry, making phone calls, finishing art works, and figuring out my schedule for the next 6 weeks.

I start teaching art lessons the second week of August at The Garden Gallery and Studio. If you live nearish, sign up! It will be fun fun fun!

I'm going to go haunt Pinterest, make some lunch, and then check on that paint. It's sure to be dry by then, right?

Edited to add:
Our prayer flags for M's wedding made it up on the Prayer Flag Project blog! Thanks to Jane for the inspiration and the shout out!

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