Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mitten Wreath

Hey y'all! Yesterday I was laying on the couch, cursing all germs. Today I am vastly improved.

How about we make a cute wreath that we leave up until spring comes? 

 Mittens! I have tons from the kids--my mom knit all of them and I just can't give them to Goodwill.
I think this wreath is a good use for them until the day when there are other small hands to wear them.

Wreath form You can use a Styrofoam wreath form or a wire one. If you use a wire one, you'll need to wrap it with some kind of fabric so you can pin the mittens on (I've used tulle)
Mittens (6 pair)
Straight pins

Tie your fabric around the wreath form and then wind the fabric around the form until it's covered at least twice over.

Tuck your loose ends under, and then tie whatever material you are using to hang your wreath over the loose ends.

Lay your mittens down and pin through the cuff into the wreath. You'll be overlapping the mittens so the pins won't show.

Pins? What pins? I see no pins here...

Once you've pinned all your mittens on, pick up your wreath like you're going to hang it. You'll notice some of your mittens at the top are floppy. Pin those into place, hiding your pins underneath the edge of the mitten.

You are so sneaky! 

Hang your wreath up and pat yourself on the back.

P.S.--Thanks for the idea, Mom!

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