Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Spring!

Hidee! I have a tutorial up over here on how to make the upcyled paper nest you see above.

I decided a while back that Fridays would be Photo Fridays and I got this amazing new camera for Christmas (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and I have found myself too intimidated by the camera to use it every day. And that's ridiculous, right? It's a tool. It's made to be used. 

Next week, the kids are on spring break, and I am going to get out that camera and use it. I'm going to spend a whole DAY taking photos at one hour intervals. I'm going to use ALL the settings and try adjusting manually the shutter speed and aperture. I'm going to use that camera and I'm going to get over my trepidations. 

Also, I'm going to work on some projects and meet some deadlines and see about getting a part-time gig for a regular cash flow. 

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