Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Throw your
Dreams into space
Like a kite,
And you do not
Know what it
Will bring back,
A new life,
A new friend,
A new love,
A new country.
--Anaïs Nin

I'm working. And recovering from what turned out to be a TMJ disorder. Apparently clenching your teeth is really bad for your jaw-joint. One side of my face was swollen--which left me feeling like a lop-sided hamster--and incredibly sore. It was decidedly unfun, and I don't think I will try it again.
I'm working on a painting inspired by Anaïs Nin (and after stumbling across a few more quotes of hers I would really like to read a biography); as well as my articles for this month at the Pagan Village, preparations for my mom's visit, crafting more items for consignment at locally owned shops, and learning about making herbal oils and incenses.
Today was a snow day for the kids--I have set a bowl out to catch as much as we can for the purposes of creating snow ice cream--and we spent the day in our PJs eating crêpes and getting ready for Grandma's visit. It was a pretty good way to spend the day. They got to go out and play in the snow for an hour before dinner, which worked out perfectly for everyone.

Happy Wednesday!

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