Monday, July 15, 2013

I have returned!

Did you miss me? 
We were supposed to fly in on July 10, but got delayed by tropical storm Chantal. We arrived home on the 11th, and I have determined that 8 days abroad is too much for all of us. 
The kids had a great time, the wedding was beautiful, we are glad we went and glad to be home. I'm art journaling my way through the trip as I am able to snag time. That whole eating/sleeping/parenting thing keeps getting in the do the giant stack of books I borrowed from the library. 

Here's a page I finished. The landscaping at the resort (Dreams La Romana) was gorgeous. I was struck by the variety and quantity of the plant life. 

The typing here is slow going, as I have a small furry assistant trying to lay on the keyboard...or the book I am reading...or the page that I am painting. 

When we got home Thursday, I opened the circulars and saw that peaches were on sale for 79 cents a pound. Naturally, canning was in order. And while I was at it, I canned some cherries too. The pear tree is laden with tiny fruits, but I suspect that the squirrels and the birds will destroy the crop before we can get to them. What I need is a falcon for the backyard. 

Back to the journal, before this week's craziness descends upon me. 
Later, lovelies!

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