Monday, July 29, 2013

Forget not!

Your quote for the week: 
Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair --Khalil Gibran
I'm pretty sure that's from his work The Prophet. At any rate, he is a wonderful author if you are interested in poetry and/or spirituality.
And I really enjoy the phrase "forget not!" in lieu of "remember".

Also: GO OUTSIDE. The weather is beginning to tip towards fall. You can see it in the seed pods being created by flowers, the ripening apples and pears, the tiny acorns that are forming on the oak trees. Go look!  I'd like to say this is my favorite part of the year, but honestly I love all of the year and how you can see the seasons flow into each other. Well, all of the year with the exception of the very coldest winter days. This Thursday is Lammas, the first of three harvest festivals. There's an interesting article over on the Project Britain site that gives a little history. We will be celebrating with fresh baked bread and a walk around the neighborhood to look for signs of Fall approaching.

The weather here has been truly bizarre. I find myself reaching for blue jeans instead of my usual late-summer dresses. The benefits to the cooler temperatures are that it's easier to shoo the kids outside and we don't have to run the air. 

Last week I officially registered for my classes.Woohoo! I will be taking: Intro to Library and Information Science, Organization of Knowledge, Reference and Online Services, and Management of Library and Information Centers. I am anxious to start classes but I still have a month to wait. 

This week I am finishing up some art for a mail swap I am doing, trying to get my excessively loud car in at the mechanic's*, and working on a present for my sweet niece's first birthday. 

What are your plans for the week?

* Seriously, unnecessarily loud. It sounds like I am driving a fleet of motorcycles. 

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