Monday, August 05, 2013

Fuzz brain

Always be a little kinder than necessary --J.M. Barrie

I was playing around with elmer's glue as a resist for watercolor. It's much more subtle than white crayon. And the glue tends to get tacky where the watercolor pools. It might work for relief on an image that you weren't going to do a lot of detail work on, but I think that I will stick with my white crayons.

As today's title suggests, I have fuzz brain. I feel like I'm trying to communicate through a layer of cotton. Maybe I need more sleep, maybe it's paint fumes--I'm repainting a dresser and the primer is very odiferous. 

I'm sure there was something else to share but it has slipped from my forebrain like a squirmy slimy fish. 

More later, loves!

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