Thursday, August 22, 2013

Watercolor Resist with crayon.

Possibly my favorite resist technique of all time. It's super easy and more than a little addictive...

Crayon, meet paper.

It helps to work in a room with strong light on one side--
you can kind of see your white crayon marks on the paper.


The darker the paint, the better your writing will show.

Red, orange, purple.

Load your brush with A LOT of wet paint. 
Paint a stripe along the bottom of the page and

Flip it upside down. 
You may want to add extra paint to the orange stripe to help it run.

Lay it flat.

If it's puddling somewhere you don't like, dab it with a paper towel.



Let's do more! 
White gel pen + doodles.



j. wilson said...

LOVE! and wish i could find the photo of a recent watercolor resist with a Whitman quote in white crayon and watercolors in pinks and oranges! like soul sisters we are!

Kara DeCarlo said...

I love that we are inspired by similar things!