Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today is Thursday

With a moo-moo here!

Oh. Sorry. We just got back from the pick-yr-own-orchard and that Old Macdonald is awfully popular around our house (what with a nearly 2 year old running about).

The above image is part of the illustration with the aforementioned accordion book. I thought I was going to be able to sit down and stitch it all together yesterday, but I had thank you cards to write (aah, etiquette) instead.

Today the plan is to stitch together as much as I can, prime up some new work surfaces, and root around in some Shakespeare for another piece that I'm doing.

A while back I applied to have my work put in the new Women's Hospital that is being built downtown, and I have made the first cut! At this point there is still the very real possibility that nothing more will come of it, but I am fairly proud of myself at the moment. (hip hip hooray!)

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Kymberleigh said...

You forced me to create another BLOG! :p

Anyways... YAY! about the Women's Hospital... I had no idea!

BTW - I LOVE the illustration. :)