Thursday, September 03, 2009


Hey y'all!
I have been busy. Mostly without my camera, due to the fact that in addition to busy I have been a space cadet.

Last Friday I did 2 tattoos, which turned out...well, one turned out really well, and the other one was done on a forgiving soul who will let me go back in and fix it. (Patti is my hero)
Also, I have been working on my Halloween jewelry for etsy and it is AWESOME. Just wait til you see it. The awesomeness will blow you away.
I would've finished it this week, but instead I have been nursing a wicked cramp between my shoulder blades. How bad was it? Bad enough that dinner on Monday was peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with a side of string cheese.
But back to the ink-slinging! Today I had the generous Mr. Bob at my disposal for 4 hours. And we accomplished this:
It's the head of a viking on his knee. After that heals up, we'll be coloring the mammajamma in. Two things you should know about tattooing knees:
1. they are reeeeeeaally stretchy
2. there are a lot more involuntary muscle spasms than on other parts of the body.

But Bob is the king of tattoos and sits like he was born to it. (and the villagers rejoiced)

More later lovelies!

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