Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's all a boggle, really....

Failure: art-a-day. but this was due mostly to
Success: KYLE CASSIDY and the WAR PAINT project coming to Tinley Park.

So I am going to rule that one a draw.

Starting yesterday, I am renewing the "art every day" pledge. And I'm 2 for 2! (Go me)
I made some owls in love for etsy, and started on: the ABCs of remarkable creatures, a zodiac series of jewelry, and watched snow fall outside.

(Do you know how difficult it is to maintain your train of thought while there are 2 small people behind you chattering incessantly? It puts me in mind of trying to do complex maths in the monkey house at the zoo)

since this train of thought has been successfully derailed, i am going to sign off....

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