Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here Be Dragons

I am assuming that I am not the only person on the planet with an inner critic. The little voice that says what you are involved in simply isn't enough, that your aspirations are silly, and that the best use of your time is something other than what feeds your soul. (Mine also says to quit my job and get a 9-5 with benefits and a 401k)

It is this little voice that keeps me from sending my art into the World.

But quite frankly, I am running out of space to put things and some of these works are clamoring to see the light of day.

I have been invited to submit works for an invitational show, and I haven't yet. The deadline is WEDNESDAY, and I haven't even photographed them. I keep waiting for a sunny day that just isn't going to happen.

And after the Wednesday deadline, I have a sketchbook to fill from The Sketchbook Project.

I am also working my way through a book entitled "The Creative Entrepreneur", which is helping me go from art-maker to art-business-lady.

2012 will be THE YEAR OF ART.

Once I quiet this critic and face my fear of success, it should be smooth sailing. (Ha ha ha)

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klm said...

due wednesday, hmm?

here is what i hope to be a helpful comment: sometimes when i am supposed to perform (live, ya know, on stage), i get really freaked out. i have two 'tricks' to get over & past the anxiety.

trick #1 - always wear a hat and sun-glasses
trick #2 - hold in my mind, one person whom i know will enjoy the set, and perform the entire set, as if that person is in the audience (and/or the only person in the audience).

point: i don't think you are afraid of success, i think you have a bit of performance anxiety in you ... coupled with 'perfection'.

so .. put on a hat and some sun glasses. don't worry about it being perfect (your idea of perfection will change over time any way). and pick one person you know or knew -- put together your art thing, like it was just for them.